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Splitgate – Twitter

Splitgate is a fast-paced sci-fi multiplayer shooter that combines the strategic elements of portals with the explosive gameplay of a first person shooter.

Splitgate – Twitter

My gate? Split. … #Portal in #HaloInfinite now featuring working portals.

Splitgate Status (@SplitgateStatus) / Twitter

We’re aware of an issue with pre-game ranked lobbies preventing games from starting. This is due to a matchmaking bug that causes lobbies to not fill properly.

Splitgate – Twitter

#Portal in #HaloInfinite now featuring working portals. 嵌入的影片.

Splitgate on Twitter: ” ” / Twitter

Are you looking at me cause I’m the best player in the world?

Splitgate on Twitter: ” https://t.co/euVjcc9Y42″ / Twitter

Don’t care not watching I’m getting a refund as we speak.

Splitgate on Twitter: “Important announcement from 1047 …

2.9.2022 — More info : Blog: …

Splitgate on Twitter: “It’s #InternationalProgrammersDay …

It’s #InternationalProgrammersDay! Thank you to all the coders everywhere …

SPLITGATE SEASON 2 INTEL (@SplitgateIntel) / Twitter

A new era of Splitgate begins… unlock Operator and all their variations in the Beta Season 2 Battlepass, out now.

Splitgate on Twitter: “Your strongly worded letters worked: We …

Your strongly worded letters worked: We’re bringing back Big Head Snipers for …

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